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Matías Costa’s video on his daughter birthday & Mandolin Love by gurdonark

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Said the email about the video at

At the free sound web page we have found your great “Homestyle Mandolin matched set” which we would like to use for a short vídeo which I am sending you. We are a photography collective and we have been asked by NOKIA to test their new N8 camera. We have made 7 short pieces and one of them is Matías Costa’s on his daughter birthday. The vídeo will be on the NOKIA page and their blog.

It doesn’t bother me that a business like Nokia is involved, by the way.

This same mandolin music was also used in mandolin love by gurdonark, which is a fun bit o’ honey that I posted about previously.

The instrument I played here was made in Boston in 1900. First posting of the music was homestyle mandolin sample pack.