Alvin and Lucille

Alvin and Lucille was a jazz act with Tequila Mockingbird singing and myself playing guitar. The songs were mainly jazz standards. We played a regular gig every two weeks at Hyperion Tavern for about six months in 2007, along with irregular shows around Los Angeles. These recordings were made in late fall of 2007. I had a great time playing with Tequila, and even though things have trailed off I expect we’ll get it together again.

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Sharing and Mixing

You’re welcome to share and remix these recordings. All songs are under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 license which means do what you like as long you don’t prevent anybody else from doing what they like too. Oh yeah, and you have to give us attribution, preferably with a link to this page. If you’d like a plain old copyright without this weirdness, contact me or Tequila to make arrangements.

I’m happy with this music but not with my mixes, and if anybody felt like cutting them up into little bits for all the right reasons I’d love it. To make that easier, here are lossless versions of the guitar and vocal parts in isolation.

Completist Mongers

For pale blinking hell-bent slavering lovers of free software with gnarled trembling grasping fingers, here are Ogg Vorbis and Ogg FLAC versions of the songs:



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