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Bio as of January 2, 2012

Mandolinist, resonator guitarist, and singer Lucas Gonze plays the roots of roots music – vintage Americana from the civil war to the early recording era. It’s homestyle music, great for a barbecue, with flavors of bluegrass, early blues, and New Orleans jazz. It’s like a soundtrack to Deadwood, including the blood, mud and archaic dialect.

Part of his reason to play antique style is to contribute to the public domain. Gonze puts his recordings into the public domain (or Creative Commons), and limits his sources to old works which are out of copyright.

Gonze is no luddite. He documents his music (and other quirky americana) on a blog at His version of Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues” has 35,000 plays on YouTube ( His “Ghost Solos” MP3 EP was covered on BoingBoing and has 28,000 plays on Free Music Archive. A popular source of soundtrack music for videos, his recordings have been used by the video blogger Ze Frank (100,000 plays to date) and many others. He is on YouTube at, on SoundCloud at, and on Freesound at

Comments on his music from around the web:

“Cracking player.. Lovely singing…”

“A forthright quality to that performance. It has the courage of it’s own convictions …loved it.”

“Fascinating hybrid picking technique”

“Wonderful, fancy picking on a greatsounding guitar!”

“Brilliant playing.”

“if yhu goin dance like thiss then yhu mightee as well ge freaky then….. yhu kno wat i meann!!!”

“Lucas Gonze was incredible. He figuratively knocked everybody’s socks off.”

“Love your work, bringing these amazing old pieces of American music to life, and giving us some great historical contexts about the composers. “

“This is awesome =^.^=”

“The songs are jigsawed together perfectly, and I don’t consider them especially gloomy. I would use the word “atmospheric”. Lovely.”

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