memories of Prince Albert Hunt

Prince Albert Hunt was a pioneer of western swing. His fiddling had a ferocious groove. It was just outrageously swinging and hot.

Here’s a 30 minute super-8 documentary about him from 1974:

Memories of Prince Albert Hunt


Warning: there are some flashes of racism in the blunt old school style.

The link above goes to a full length version. This embedded version is a trailer:

I found this film and these people had charm.

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That’s a great video. I did not know this story. When I see and hear about Terrell in the early 1930s, I think how in 1940 the local airport hosted a training school for British pilots at the outset of WW II. There’s a museum there for the No. 1 flying school. It must have been quite a novel thing for folks there to have all these folks from overseas on hand.

I liked seeing the north Texas scenes–this is what a country drive looks like in my part of Texas. Deep Ellum, of course, went from being a blues area to being an alternative music area. The city is all different. But you can find that countryside now as in 1974 as in 1931.

Super 8 was a great medium–nowadays, of course, this film could be shot without the needs for grant, a TV arrangement, or expensive equipment. Sometimes I think that’s what folks should be doing–mini docs on people just like this.

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