Relax Your Mind Corrections

The management of this publication admits that errors were made. In the earlier entry on “Relax Your Mind” by Leadbelly the author said that it was about road rage. On subsequent examination it turned out to be about paying attention to your driving.

The management also wishes to apologize for only doing the music notation in the key of C#, which is painful to read because it has seven sharps. It also wishes to apologize for using the convention from guitar notation of using ledger lines below the staff for the lowest notes, because a guitar tuned down a minor third is ridculously low and nobody can read that shit. On subsequent examination the management decided to show the tune in C and move it to an octave which sits where it belongs in the stave. Which looks like this:

guitar riff for Relax Your Mind

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I love it when anything is in C, F or G.

I thought I’d try to give a demo of what a can-jo sounds like. So I created a little song, and played it real slow. Next time I’ll get a public domain 8 note song so that I can be more in keeping with the soupgreens theme. This time, though, I merely wanted to show the timbre and tone of a stick with a ginger ale can for a resonator. That’s cool that you’re doing Leadbelly transcriptions!

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