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A scrap of guitar playing that I posted on Freesound is part of an iPhone app called iLogMiles.

Similarly, I posted my Homestyle Mandolin sample pack over on CC Mixter and it got reused in a groovy organic squawk-jazz groove called “go find yourself” by Speck

I love it when my music is useful. Making music is mainly narcissisism. Putting it to work changes that.

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It can’t be fixed completely. It’s narcissism all the way down.

Anyhow, I set up this blog away from my main net personae so that I could have a safe zone for that kind of lameness. Anybody here knows what they’re in for, so it’s not like I’m torturing workmates to go to my poetry reading.

that’s right baby, own it!

perhaps reuse sites like freesound and ccM exist to prove that enlightened self-interest is better than the alternative. I can think of worse legacies πŸ˜‰

gurdonark, you are truly the fairest of them all. That’s so cool!

This animation is like a riff on mersh music videos where they have professional dancers doing the hippest steps to the hottest new sounds.

Glad you like it. I’d been meaning to do more with Pivot lately, and this seemed like a good chance.
In answer to your post question, your samples are perfect for video use. if you could record a sustained
C or G note for as long as you can sustain it, pure and simple, that would be good for sampler use.

All you guys crack me up! Keep working your craft and sharing it!!!!

> so it’s not like I’m torturing workmates to go to my poetry reading.

Hey, who the heck told you about my dramatic readings, anyway? Are you judging?



Hey man, if the poetry shoe fits.

Seriously, the whole topic is awkward. In one way, I’m really glad when people I know have a creative life. But in another the whole topic makes people cringe. And hey, I’m nobody to talk. I’m not saying anybody’s thing is lame, I’m saying that it’s awkward sometimes.

It is awkward, all of it. It’s awkward, too, outside of “creative avocations”. it’s awkward to practice law.
it’s awkward to be an accountant, I’m sure. I know it must be awkward to be a doctor.
the whole thing, to me, is to embrace that life is awkward–and write poetry anyway.

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