Horace Weston’s SF Jig

In this awesome gurdonark travelogue video using Horace Weston’s Old Time Jig for the soundtrack, I especially like the canned Windows Movie Maker transitions from cut to cut. Very 2010.

Today I finished my meetings in time to catch the BART back to SFO and my hotel. I was able to hike on the San Francisco Bay trail in Burlingame. The trail featured American redhead and mallard ducks, coots, seagulls, gray clouds, passing planes, cute dogs being walked, and ice plant flowers, bumblebees, waves on rocks, and distant foggy hills.

I took a lot of pictures. I also took a lot of video with a special camera–a little Chinese 4 megapixel camera I got on eBay for 25 dollars [a sunplus], whose light sensor gives an ethereal effect that Mr. Holga, whomever he may be, would envy.

I brought the video to my room at the Crowne Plaza, downloaded Windows Movie Maker 2.6 into Windows 7 ( which, does not come with the best MS program). I’ve long been a huge fan of your jig, and

made it the soundtrack to “Impressions: San Francisco”. It’s a kind of lo-fi sense of my afternoon:

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