photos from Saturday night

Photos by Bona Hong from the Saturday night gig for FORTH magazine at G2 gallery in Venice Beach:

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The beauty of Los Angeles arises when one posts a weblog posts with pictures of a celebrity or two, who remain unmentioned because they serve as landscape rather than plot points. If Angelenos did not maintain this attitude, no celebrity could ever finish a meal or a drink.

Dude, I’ve been dying to tell the world that I saw Harrison Ford outside a chinese restaurant in Westwood. He was loitering outside waiting for something after eating. I wanted to have some interaction so I asked his date how the restaurant was, like “How is this place? Any good?” I was going to go in anyway. She kind of shrugged “Eh, not bad.” I didn’t look at him closely.

So far I’ve seen one of the actors from CSI, Keanu Reeves, Drew Barrymore, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Oliver Stone, Harvey Keitel, and now Norm.

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