photos from a couple gigs

Playing a school for disabled children up in north Hollywood:

gig playing at Lowman's school

The kids get up and mosh, bang on whatever in a semi-rhythm, and generally create pure bedlam. Great crowd. They put the cool indie kids at rock clubs to shame.

Playing at a nursing home in the valley:

gig playing at nursing home

The ladies at the nursing home flirt like mad. One was very grabby in a physical way. I felt like Tom Jones.

The day after I did this show I got an email from my aunt saying that my mom was very jazzed because some musician had come to play old timey music in her nursing home. Not the same nursing home that I played at. So it was a moment of instant karma, the good kind.

But let’s agree to ignore the freaky Oedipal aspect of karma and my mom’s flirty peers. Because that would be freaky.

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