Careless Love lead sheet

Here’s a simplified transcription of the Snooks Eaglin version of the folk/blues classic “Careless Love.”

Careless Love lyrics and melody, PDF

Careless Love lyrics and melody, Sibelius source

Even though this song is super simple it still helps a band to have all the parts clearly spelled out, especially the melody.

Speaking of the melody, I only notate where the note changes, and not when the number of syllables require the singer to break a long note out into single notes. That makes it easier to read, as long as you know that a long note in this genre is supposed to be broken up.

Also: I transposed for my own vocal range. Original was in G, this is in D.

I feel like an idiot posting this stuff, because it’s so unlikely that anybody will actually use it. But I feel even dumber not posting it, because there’s no reason for anybody who can Google up this post to redo my work.

My strategy with the layout was to apply the principles of interaction design and think of writing music as an exercise in usability.

The font size is prioritized. The song title is huge because players will be flipping through a stack of unorganized paper in a brief interval between songs. The title is to the right (instead of the ordinary place on the left) because lead sheets get stapled or bound on the left. The chords are huge and the lyrics are big because players will be reading in real time, at a distance, and in bad light. The metadata is tiny so it won’t distract in real-time. The melody is mid-size, as big as possible without distracting from the all-important chords and lyrics.

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Nice formatting. I assume you’ve seen the usual Fakebook formatting which often uses the big chord names. But the lyrics and the right-aligned title are new to me. I’d make the title even bigger – not so much for usability as for a feeling the song title always gives whilst playing.

PS: I’m poking around here looking for some YMP secrets 🙂

YMP has no secrets, only undocumented interfaces. 🙂

I have seen Realbook-style formatting with relatively big chord names, but they’re probably 10 points smaller than here. This project is definitely somewhat inspired by the usability of the Realbook. It’s really striking how much easier it is to read.

You shouldn’t feel like an idiot posting this! I’m definitely going to use it. I love this song, and the way you transposed it makes it excellent for my range as well. I am a beginning ukulele player and I love playing this song! It sounds great on the uke 🙂 Thanks very much.

Hello Lucas Gonze.
Just want to say that the sheet for Snooks Eaglins Careless Love was absolutely brilliant. Clear and simple. Is there any chance you would have Snooks Eaglins I got a woman in the same format. I cant find the chords and lyrics anywhere. I am new on the guitar so your sheets are a real find.

Sincerely, Peter Lind

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