uke tunes from the olden days

Briggs’ Banjo Instructor is an 1855 book of banjo tunes. Rob MacKillop figured out how to play them on ukulele, wrote them out in tablature, and made an MP3 demo for each one. The demos are folksy and Hawaiian sounding at the same time, plus there’s this Scottish accent in the mix. I dig em, so here are links:

20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo Instructor

1. Briggs Breakdown
2. Briggs’ Corn Schucking Jig
3. Briggs’ Reel
4. Carney Jig
5. Camptown Hornpipe
6. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
7. Circus Jig
8. The Congo Prince Jig
9. Dance, Boatman, Dance
10. Dearest Mae
11. Ephraim’s Lament
12. Ethiopian Cracovienne
13. Hard Times
14. Jim Along Josey
15. Keemo Kimo
16. Lucy Neal
17. Mary Blane
18. Miss Lucy Long
19. Old Johnny Boker
20. Sebastopol Breakdown

If you’re reading this in an RSS reader or some site but, you’re better off stopping by the blog and hitting the play button in the page, because it will turn all these little snippets into a seamless playlist. Downloading and listening one by one won’t be half as much fun.

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