Ida vs Sports Illustrated

cover of sheet music for Ida Queen of Apple Cider

Question #1: did anybody at the time not know that the dude was gay?

Not David Coverdale David Coverdale

Question #2: is it my imagination, or are these women not all that pretty? Being in this photo was the equivalent of being the designated cupcake in a video for a hair metal band, and I’m not seeing a lot of Tawny Kitaens in the group.

Yearbook photos

No, seriously, I’m not being a frat boy ragging on ordinary women for being human, because these are cover girls. Look closely at these women’s faces — for the most part they look trapped in a regrettable yearbook shot.

I guess the issue was health. People used to be more or less about to drop dead at any moment. No orthodontia, no liposuction => no Tawny. Swimsuit models are like the Six Million Dollar man in comparison.

Sports Illustrated cover

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