Goodbye Booze cheat sheet

Goodbye Booze 78 by Gid Tanner and Faith Norris

The tune “Goodbye Booze” is a three chord goof for making drinkers feel pleased with themselves. This in itself is not usually hard, but how much damage can three chords do anyhow?

The song was written in 1901 by Jean Havez. Gid Tanner and Faith Norris, also known as The Skillet Lickers, did a recording in 1926. There’s a Charlie Poole recording in 1926, after the Tanner/Norris version. There’s a 1939 recording in the Library of Congress’ archive of California folk music from the 30s. The best known version these days appears to be the one by Old Crow Medicine Show.

I transcribed Charlie Poole’s recording, and I figured I’d share my work here:

  1. To print it out, grab the PDF.
  2. To look at it in the browser, grab the PNG img.
  3. To modify it using Sibelius, grab my Sibelius file.
  4. To reuse it in mix, grab the MIDI file.

Goodbye Booze sheet music and lyrics

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