Ollie Oakley on zither banjo, 1910

Ollie Oakley
Ollie Oakley

1910 Zonophone recording:

Ollie OakleyMarche de Concert (MP3)

Arguably the greatest and certainly the most popular banjoist of all time, Olly Oakley is a fascinating and controversial figure who even today has the power to arouse devotion and hostility amongst players and followers of the banjo. The son of a Midlands jeweller, Oakley decided on the banjo at the age of twelve after hearing the pioneering Bohee brothers in concert. During a career stretching over thirty-five years he made more than five hundred recordings, toured widely throughout Britain and abroad, formed a highly successful concert party as well as a banjo quartet and a dance band, and was, as far as the circumstantial evidence suggests, a key figure in the development of the zither banjo.

Sheet music (PDF)

All this stuff is via folks on the classic banjo group on Ning.

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Woah. I’d never heard of Olly Oakley before. He’s playing that banjo like he was born with it in his hands. Just when I was starting to feel barely competent with my playing too… heh.

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