Mornings Nights at Where/MMM on Friday

I’ll be playing in a night of music at the Where/MMM coworking space in Silverlake. The idea is to cater to the small scene of people who hang out on the block on a regular basis, either at the coffee place next door, Mornings Nights, or at Where/MMM.

I put the event together. The idea is about the way that live music and real world communities have this symbiotic relationship. I noticed that people on the block know each other, and that there are plenty of musicians and creative people.

It’s a hyperlocal genre in that it’s about a specific place.

Particulars for the gig:

  • On Friday 9/11
  • Starting around 8 or 9.
  • No $ required, not exactly, but by no means would your contribution be refused.
  • There will be three main acts doing full sets. If you don’t know at least one of us on a first name basis, you probably aren’t the target audience. I have the impression that Jesse’s and Steve’s acts are good enough to have followings and bookings and all that kind of stuff. Jesse’s band is indie rock. It has a name, I just don’t know it. Steve’s thing is hip hop. He’s an MC. I will perform on the flying trapeze as always.
  • Every local is welcome to do a song or read their poem or do whatever they do. But only locals can perform.

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