Where/MMM followup

The show at Where/MMM on Friday was pretty much empty, I have to admit. I really owned the responsibility, because I didn’t inject energy into the whole situation by getting a flier made, nudging the bands to promote their sets, and doing promotion for my own set.

But it turned out to be a fun time anyhow.

Homesick Elephant‘s style is built on creative things to do with counterpoint and structure, and the space was perfect for getting to listen closely because it’s a comfortable room where you can concentrate. Also, they’re getting married in a month and you can hear romantic chemistry in the way their lines intertwine. Here are photos:

Homesick Element at Where/MMM

Homesick Element at Where/MMM

Homesick Element at Where/MMM

And then Siggy came up with a lot of anarchic energy and created a happy group of listeners. There was even moshing. Well, the moshing was me and the guitarist’s girlfriend.

Tomorrow I’ll be playing in the hospital for sick children. Like, at their bedsides.

And then Friday at happy hour I’ll be at Cinema Bar in Culver City, playing for the drinkers after work. Same thing pretty much.

Musicians gotta play. The point of playing is the music, and the way to get it good is to do it a lot.

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