playing MMM in Silverlake tonight

I’m playing tonight in Silverlake at the Where/ Meet Mix Mogul coworking space in Sunset Junction, at the intersection of Griffith Park and Sunset, next door to the Mornings/Nights coffee place.

1519 Griffith Park Boulevard 90026

Also on the bill will be Homesick Elephant:

And Siggy:

Homesick Elephant is a couple who do countryish harmony singing. Very upstanding. But not without knowledge of evil. They’re smart.

Siggy is a four piece band with a mopey raw rock sound. What I love about them is that they are very much a garage act, but they’re not kids. I’d guess the youngest person in the band is 40. It’s very bad ass to get up there and pull it off.

Doors open around 9 and close around 1.

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