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Rocking Yukon Gold

The varmint Soapy Smith lived and died in the hellishly cold northland up by the Russian border and the Soapy blog blogs about a part of the Library of Congress subsite on the joint history of Alaska and Russia which contains a goldmine of information, artifacts, documents and photographs on the Klondike gold rush era history.

I went prospecting in there and stumbled across a a dusty reading room with cowboy-era footage from Alaska. I especially liked an Edison clip from 1901 entitled Rocking Gold in the Klondike.


Thomas A. Edison, Inc., 1901


From a single-camera position, the film shows sluice boxes as they are operated by gold miners in the Klondike gold fields.

Cameraman: Robert K. Bonine; Location: Yukon Terr., Canada

Copyright H4088, May 6, 1901; 31 ft., FLA3065 (print) FRA0408 (neg.)

I though about posting the clip on, and then I thought of Marco Raaphorst’s Klankbeelds, where he does a soundtrack for a photograph, and I decided to do a little soundtrack.

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Hey, Lucas.

Good work on the Rocking Yukon Gold mp3. That video had led me to other Edison videos which include steamers and miners bound for the Klondike. Interesting and lucky that Thomas Edison just happen to be in Seattle, Washington working on a project for the Northern railroad when the Portland arrived with two tons of gold. Edison set up his cameras to catch some of the very first ships, including the Queen, loading up and sailing for Alaska in 1897. Those are on my blog.

I am enjoying your site and your music.

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