quills => black winds

Instruments that originated among the black population had to be cheap. They used the body: patting juba, whistling, singing. Or they could be made out of materials in the woods, like making banjos from gourds and pipes out of split bark; both of these instruments came from Africa.

This kind of pipe was called “quills.”

I was thinking about black American wind playing influenced by quills, so I made a playlist:

Otha Turner’s fife and drum style is mid- 19th century.
Henry Thomas’ blues quills are early 20th century.
Yusef Lateef’s jazz flute is late 20th century.

Otha Turner -> Everybody Hollerin’ Goat -> Shimmy She Wobble

Henry Thomas -> Texas Worried Blues -> Charmin’ Betsy

Yusef Lateef -> Eastern Sounds -> The Plum Blossom

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