The Six Gravestones of Soapy Smith

Soapy Smith was a scoundrel, con artist, bunco man, and lowlife of the highest order, so he naturally left quite a lot of bad blood behind when he was shot to death in 1898, and this has taken a harsh toll on the sanctity of his final resting place. Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith has written a history of Soapy’s six gravestones.

1898 – 1901. Stolen.

1901 (+-)- 1927. Washed out to sea in a flood.

1927 – 1950s. Became target practice for vandalism and gun practice.

Maybe same as above, but protected from target practice. Blown up with dynamite.

1950s -1997. Deterioriated naturally?

1997 – present

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Hello, Lucas.

Thank you for the nice inclusion of my great grandfather, Soapy Smith into your interesting site. I love listening to nineteenth century music and am now following your blog. I am looking forward to exploring it further. I hope you will consider exploring my Soapy Smith’s Soap Box blog as well.

Hey Mon! Just caught you on my Stats. Thanks for dropping by the Ladder.
How cool is it to have Young Jeff come upon your site? HA! Fancy that! I love both sites now. What characters.

I play a guitar just like just like yours on the 5 Step Waltz. Mine is a Jay Turser, got it in Baton Rouge the first week after excaping New Orleans during the flood of ’05. Yeah, FEMA. First thing I did was go get that guitar. So I named her “REMA the Electro’Resonota!”
Given the circumstances at the time, BR had about 350000 more people too, whoa, it was providence to be able to lay down the dough and then pull that baby off the wall and start hangin some reaper blues, making the poor store clerk get all worry-eyed hehehe. I left Nola with dog, backpack, guitar and bicycle in a pick’up truck after that first week of the flood. (and forgot my stack of strings!) This was the 2nd week after. I just didn’t honestly know if I’d ever have a chance to do something so crazy but am still glad I did –since hurricane Rita blew me up to Memphis a few days later, 3rd week after the flood. Could not hang for another one no. I’d heard the Fat Lady Sing enough thank you very much. You know everyone assumes she only sings once? HA! Fat Lady sings whenever she wants! So me the dog, bicycle, backpack and now 2 guitars hit the road.

I’m a nylon stringer by trade. They tend to hold up. This Electro’resonatitin is still a very new thing. I have been said… that I eat guitars for breakfast but it ain’t true, really. I just pick my teeth with’em when I’m done.

Can’t wait to see how much better your chops will get than they already are, Mon.

Thanks youz,

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