1911 Japanese chick shredder music video

A group of British adventurers a hundred years ago at a lecture by their expedition lead. They are totally blown away by the fearsome chops of a Japanese woman.

From the Freeze Frame collection of historical polar images.

See also the great Kat:

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I love that there is this whole sub-culture of guitar folks who go to guitar conventions structured vaguely like boat shows or gun shows who get to watch people shred guitars and who, it turns out, have the weight of history and proper shredding on their side.

This explains my mild disappointment when I met the former national champion hammered dulcimer player a few months back, and he demurred that he did not play fast instrumentals–I wanted to hear a dulcimer well and truly shred, and he just wanted to make music.

I laughed out loud at the thought of a hammer dulcimer shredder.

I think it’s cool that “shred” became its own category. It used to just be lumped in with “music,” and since music isn’t exactly the point that caused a lot of confusion.

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