lyrics for “I’m taking care of mother”

It’s a lot easier to appreciate the tawdry sentimentality of an emotional mugging by a colorful operator like Pappy O’Daniel if you don’t have to listen to the music to get to the words, and I wanted to figure them out so I could play the song, so….

I’m Taking Care of Mother (While Daddy’s Gone Away)

verse 1

While walking through the park today I came upon some boys
I sat and watched the boys at play they hadn’t many toys
When one brave boy came by and climbed upon my knee
He smiled as he looked in my eyes and spoke these words to me


I’m taking care of mother while daddy’s gone away
I told him I would guard her til he comes home to stay
I’ll be real brave for mother and dry her tears each day
I’m taking care of mother while daddy’s gone away.

verse 2

He told me of the uniform his daddy proudly wore
It made my heart grow very warm I’d worn one years before
He told me how he’d dry the tears of his mother every day
At night he tried to hide his fears and these words bravely say

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