many many double ultra great performances

I’m doing a solo show at 10:30 at Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake this Thursday the 12th. This will be amazing and well worth the trouble to stand around and drink beer.

Then on Thursday the 19th of February I’ll play in Culver City at Cinema Bar, the favorite LA dive of both Lucinda Williams and every east sider on the west side. Cinema Bar rules. Also, Tito’s Taco is right around the corner and Tito’s is a very fine taco indeed.

Musically speaking the solo shows have been moving away from the 19th century parlor sound and towards something more raucous and 20th century. But as always the set is full of weird-ass nuggets. Like, I’ll do a supercool instrumental I just learned called “Posey Ran Away,” which is a slave fiddle tune that was transcribed in 1780 by a Scottish tourist in America. The sound has a perky celtic influence, like any fiddle tune, but there’s a hypnotic circularity about the way the parts link up that gives it a north African edge. It’s like a cross between a Ghanaian kalimba song and an Irish jig. It’s basically nothing but a melody, so I’m going to put it in a batch with other songs that don’t have either words or chords. It’ll be a mini set with no words or chords. Because words and chords are overrated.

But then there will be other songs that have words and chords and are about sex!

I’ll also be backing up Madame Pamita at Taix every Wednesday this month, so February 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. The set starts at ten. Goofy good fun right on Sunset in Echo Park.

Gig nights are 90% about drinking beer and talking to friends, and I’m usually up for dinner nearby before the show, so c’mon by and hang out. Yes, I know you are a very old person whose prime directive is to protect the television, and you have reached a stage in life where both social life and cheapish drinks have lost their special sexy magic. But just in case you’re going out and you want to meet up for food or make other arrangements then send email to my first name at my last name dot com.

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