hard boiled brass

Some great old photos of musicians from the Vanishing Georgia collection. These guys look like life was pretty hard.

Cuthbert Brass Band members, Cuthbert, Randolph County, Georgia, sometime between 1880 and 1889. The trombonists look so tough they could kill you and eat your liver with beans and gravy.

The Cuthbert Brass Band used to beat the shit out of this other band and take their sousaphones. That’s why this other band got the silly Musical Wagon with horses going, because their weak little legs couldn’t run fast enough.

Monroe, ca. 1880-1890. Members of this band pose for a group photograph in their musical wagon. Doctor Hammond’s home seen in the background.

Not one of these dudes was ever too drunk to stand. Especially not the guy with the straggly beard wearing the bass drum like a papoose so that the little drummer boy can prop him up long enough to get the shot.

Jug Tavern, [Georgia], 1889. Members of what is reported to be the first band in Jug Tavern. In 1893 the town name was changed to Winder for John H. Winder. He was president of the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad which was built through this area at the time. Members of the band, left to right: Ernest Bush, N.J. Kelly, Jim Griffeth, R.L. Carithers, L.O. Williams, W.L. Bush, J.H. Jackson, W.H. Hosch, W. J. Ross, C.M. Ferguson, and Prof. J.W. McGill who was the teacher.

the first band in Jug Tavern, Georgia

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