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Your Southern Can Belongs to Me

My first YouTube — a version of Blind Willie McTell’s “Your Southern Can Belongs to Me:”

Lots of caveats for this song, because it’s my first try at video and I don’t have my chops together yet. There’s some high-pitched noise that I couldn’t get rid of, it’s just a short clip, I didn’t use the right mic, stuff like that. But I’m really happy about video as a content type for this site. It makes a lot of sense to do my recordings with video, since the performances are always live and edit-free. In the future I’m hoping to do both a video and a standalone MP3 of every recording.

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Caveats and all, this is really fun viewing!
It adds to the experience to see the youtube.
It’s not only fun to see it “live”, but it’s also great to be able to click a youtube embed and voila, music!

Nice stuff. Check out some of my youtube vids…I found it odd that even after playing live for many years the thought of video taping it has me off for a few seconds so I just called them slipper jams and did them with my robe on…it was very liberating.

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