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TAIX gigs May-June

At 10 PM every Wednesday night in May and June I’ll be playing in Madame Pamita‘s band at a French restaurant in Silverlake called Taix. It’s not nearly as formal as the restaurant’s web site implies. We start when the kitchen closes for the night, and there are a couple bands after us.

It’s a fun gig. Pamita’s act alternates tarot readings of audience members with hillbilly songs from the 19-teens and 1920s. Also the band gets dinner on the house before the set, and it’s a far cry from normal gig food, which is usually something like rock-bottom slices of pizza at the nearest dive.

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Taix is a great place to see live music. Plus free, secure parking!

I used to try to time my visits to LA around nights when Anus was playing there–they were almost like a “house band” there for many years.

Better as a house band than a house salad.

Yeah man, it is a really comfortable spot. The music isn’t too loud to talk, the food is good, you can get a table without too much trouble.

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