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Alvin and Lucille *new and improved*

I have hooked up a page on this site for my Alvin and Lucille jazz act. I wanted to give the music a home outside of the Myspace page, which never really got traction.

The best new features are:

  1. The MP3 player works.
  2. Better support for remixers via lossless (AIFF) versions of the parts in isolation.
  3. FLAC and Vorbis versions of the songs.
  4. Flickr slideshow.

To listen you’ll have to click over to the page.

2 replies on “Alvin and Lucille *new and improved*”

Thanks, Mike.

This must be an audacity thing. I need a much better tool to put metadata in my files.

My production process is really slow and inefficient, and issues like problems tagging vorbis pile up.

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